LDW Survival Guide

   Good morning friends! Happy Labor Day Weekend. A long weekend filled with BBQs, group meals, ever-present food platters, and a constant supply of alcohol. Super fun? Yes. But there’s also the following… Guilt and regret: “Ugh, I just ate so much, I did NOT need to eat that hot dog/cookie/extra side of potato salad.” […]

Mind Games

  A few weeks ago on Monday morning, I woke up feeling “gross.” You know those mornings. For me, it was the Monday after a string of indulgences. Father’s Day/my dad’s birthday (ice cream). First time at a new-ish restaurant in the city (one of everything, please). A doctor’s appointment on Long Island, which meant dinner […]

Lunch Hour

Let me tell you a funny story. Two Decembers ago, my boyfriend and I went to Austin and LA for the holidays and New Years. Excited to try some of the best BBQ and Tex-Mex in the country, I totally indulged, and it rocked. We were in Texas for 7 days, the first of which […]

Seven Items You Need in Your Kitchen

Hi! 👋 👋 👋 My first post after an accidental hiatus (by the way, I passed my licensing exam and graduated NYU!) brings you easy recipes created with seven staple ingredients you should always keep in your kitchen. My inspiration for this post came from the fact that as a recent graduate who hasn’t yet started […]

Put Down the Diet

I propose a challenge. It’s 2015. A new year. One of the most popular resolutions – if not THE most popular – is to lose weight. According to Time.com, this is also one of the most commonly broken resolutions. It’s not so hard to understand why, because losing weight requires a lifestyle change, which takes […]

Good Carb, Healthy Fat Pancakes

So this morning when I woke up, I was craving a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat which would require about 2 minutes of my time and enable me to do my work quickly. Instead, though, Conrad expressed a desire for pancakes and French toast, and I suddenly wanted nothing but pancakes. […]